Australian Superyachts had a successful show again this year exhibiting in Darling Harbour at the Sydney International Boat Show 2016. This year, Sydney showcased an impressive line-up with hosting some of the top leaders in the industry.


As always, Australian Superyachts made an impression and was well appreciated this year. In partnership with Gulf Craft, we were very proud to showcase the NOMAD 65. We experienced huge interest and received many enquiries for not only the NOMAD 65, but other yachts within the Gulf Craft collection.


Gulf Craft are proud to say that together with Australian Superyachts, we did attract Australia’s passionate seafarers with the first-time local appearance of the shipyard’s long-range Nomad Yachts series, as we brought the latest yachting concept to the shores of Sydney.


Overall the show has been a success.  Managing Director Richard Morris of Australian Superyachts, Gulf Craft’s exclusive distributor in Australia says, “we have been overwhelmed with the positive response to the NOMAD yacht’s arrival in Australia and we are convinced this explore yacht range is ideally suited to Australian clients. It offers direct alternatives to other more traditional homegrown vessels, offering increased volume, stability, comfort, and live-aboard amenities.”


We are proud to say that we completed our aim which was to showcase Gulf Craft’s Silvercraft, Oryx, Utility Series, NOMAD Yachts and also our luxury Majesty Yacht range to the Australian market. We are looking forward for the coming year as Gulf Craft and Australian Superyachts expand our fleet. We also look forward to increasing our presence at the boat show 2017.


Below in this segment of ‘One Minute With,’ Managing Director, Richard Morris, of Australian Superyachts showcases the NOMAD 65.  Australian Superyachts is positioned at the forefront of the local and regional Superyacht industry. We are the only company in Australia dedicated to providing a full range of in-house, high quality services to the large Superyacht industry.